Regalos para ella

Regalos para ella
Pack Ahorro Compresas + Protegelsips  + Tampones
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Junior Saving Pack

Look after your and your daughter's health from the first period. We offer this saving pack of organic cotton feminine hygiene products specially designed for the early years of menstruation. Run away from plastics, infections and allergies and protect your most intimate area with 100% organic and hypoallergenic cotton.
Organic Maternity Basket. Non-toxic!
Are you going to become a mother? Congratulations! Or do you have a friend who is going to be a mom and want to surprise her with an original and healthy gift? GU offers a basket of organic products for a safe pregnancy and postpartum. Here you will find all the products you need for you and your baby from the early days.
Pack ahorro maternidad Pack ahorro maternidad 2
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Layette for Pregnant Women

copy of Maternity Pack - Special pregnancy

Are you going to be a mother? Congratulations! GU offers this pack of organic products to make you feel safe and secure both during your pregnancy and postpartum with 100% organic cotton guards. Also, you will prevent possible irritations and infections with products for your health that arehypoallergenic, natural, and dermatologically tested. Avoid...
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