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Natural ingredients proceeding from organic agriculture nourish our gels and creams, so they naturally care for you and, at a time, are less polluting for the environment. Moreover, they are dermatologically tested on sensitive skin and do not contain parabens, phenoxyethanol, alkaline soaps, alcohol, dyes, SLES or PEG.

Gel de ducha ecológico. Con Aloe Vera, Pantenol y Aceite de Oliva Orgánico
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Organic and biological gel shower with ingredients proceeding from organic farming that provides an effective and soft cleaning, suitable for the whole family. It contains Aloe Vera and Panthenol, that provide freshness and hydration to the skin, and Organic olive oil, which provides emollient properties. 500 ml.
Champú ecológico. Uso frecuente. Con Lino y extracto de Ortiga
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Organic and biological shampoo for all hair types. Clean without altering the normal balance of hair, providing a nourishing and regenerating action. With flax extract and wheat, proteins that help preserve the natural defences of the scalp. 250 ml.
Jabón de manos ecológico. Con Glicerna y Té orgánico: acción hidratante y desinfectante
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Organic and biological Marseille soap based on natural ingredients. Gently clean hands and body thanks to the natural surfactants proceeding from organic olive oil and rapeseed oil, without artificial components. Enriched with glycerine and organic tea tree oil, which guarantee an effective moisture and disinfectant action. 250 ml.
Gel íntimo ecológico. Con extractos de Arándanos y Caléndula
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Organic and biological intimate gel based on natural ingredients. With Calendula extract, which provides soothing and anti-inflammatory properties. With Blueberry extract, which provides rebalancing and refreshing properties. Physiological pH for women at childbearing age. 250 ml.
Organic Maternity Basket. Non-toxic!
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Are you going to become a mother? Congratulations! Or do you have a friend who is going to be a mom and want to surprise her with an original and healthy gift? GU offers a basket of organic products for a safe pregnancy and postpartum. Here you will find all the products you need for you and your baby from the early days.
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