Ultra light Day pads with wings. Organic cotton
Ultra light Day pads with wings. Organic cotton
Ultra light Day pads with wings. Organic cotton
Ultra light Day pads with wings. Organic cotton

Ultra light Day pads with wings. Organic cotton

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Ultra light day pads: discrete, ultrafine and with protective wings.

100% organic cotton: no plastic, no chemicals or synthetic materials in contact with your skin.

Nonirritating: hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested. Prevent the risk of irritation, itching, and allergies.

Maximum absorbency and comfort without damaging your skin.

Individually packed.

10 u.

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Ultra light Day pads with 100% organic cotton

With 100% organic cotton. Unlike other pads, made from synthetic materials such as viscose, our pads are 100% organic cotton certified by ICEA and Global Organics Textile Standard without pesticides or herbicides residues.

Hypoallergenic, they help prevent the risk of irritation, itching, and allergies. They are ideal for women with sensitive or atopic skin.

Ultrafine: as thin as possible, so you do not notice that you wear it during the day.

Its adhesive strips and wings prevent them from moving, providing complete security.

Dioxin and chlorine free.

Individually packed.

    • Manufactured entirely in the EU.
    • Product certified by ICEA (Bio cosmetics)

Gynaecologists advise the use of 100% organic cotton for feminine hygiene, without toxics or plastics.




Chlorine, dioxins, residues of pesticides or herbicides, perfumes, superabsorbent, viscous materials.






An upper layer and absorbent core made of 100% organic cotton, waterproof sheet, and adhesive fixative.



Although traditional tampons and pads are white, as if they were made of cotton, actually usually contain a mixture of wood pulp and synthetics such as rayon and viscose. Woman's vagina is one of the body mucous membranes that faster absorbs chemicals; throughout your life you can get to use over 12,000 tampons and protective, so it is very important to analyse the composition of tampons, sanitary pads and panty liners you use. 100% organic cotton is widely the most recommended option for this body part. Its use helps prevent the risk of irritation and allergies related to the use of chemicals, and the absence of toxic residues in contact with skin helps to keep it healthy and clean.

Features of 100% organic cotton

  • Hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested: attenuates and helps prevent risks of irritation, itching, infections and allergies.
  • Compatible with the physiological pH: it does not alter the natural acidity of the vaginal mucosa.
  • Ensures optimum damp level: allows the right moisture exchange with the outside, reducing dehydration.
  • Highly absorbent: it supports more than 20 times its weight in liquid.
  • Soft: nice and smooth touch.
  • Breathable: retains discharge and allows air to pass through its fibres.

One of the major commitments of GU is to prevent environmental degradation, and for this reason, we avoid working with toxics that are harmful to the environment. By using organic cotton, our environment benefits.

  • Planting and compilation are done in a natural way, without using excessive water use, and no chemical fertilizers or pesticides or any pollutant at all.
  • We help to avoid deforestation for producing pulp. Keep in mind that the abuse of these products in industrial agriculture has degraded soils and waters of many areas of the planet.
  • The plant grows in different natural colours and promotes diversity.
  • Workers involved in the process receive a decent salary and working conditions.

Our ICEA certifications guarantee that our products have been grown and handled according to strict safety procedures.



Between 10% and 15% of visits to the gynaecologist are due to irritation or discomfort in the vulvar area that negatively affects the daily life of women.

Some current habits of many women may affect the health of the most intimate area. Do you feel identified with some of the following statements?

  • You use some protective daily.
  • You tend to wear a thong.
  • You usually wear leggings or tight pants.
  • You shave completely or partially groins and labia.
  • You feel discomfort when you extract a tampon.

If you identify with at least some of these claims, you probably suffer discomfort in your vulvar area. Do not give up what you like: go on with your lifestyle but we recommend you to use organic cotton panty liners, pads and tampons. You will not even notice you're wearing them and also will avoid possible risks of irritations, allergies, and itching.

GU offers a whole product line that helps to keep healthy your most intimate area in the most natural way:
  • Organic cotton pads, tampons and panty liners
  • Intimate gel

GU guarantee

GU guarantee

In GU we pledge that our products respect the health of the entire family, and therefore beyond the guarantees of organic certification and European quality, each of our products pass the GU quality control. This means that they are subjected to a thorough analysis of the entire composition to ensure they do not contain ingredients considered harmful to your health and the planet.

More information about harmful ingredients

Join 'smart eco' consumption: We invite you to question the quality and ingredients of everything you consume. To make things easier for you, you will find the GU seal, which is the quality assurance certification that ensures the product contains no hazardous ingredients.

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